Malachite Tumbled Crystal Stone

Malachite has the unique ability to warn of impending danger by breaking itself into two pieces. It is useful to aid in fear of flying by the strengthening effect it has on emotions. It’s a stone of transformation. Malachite encourages adventure, risk taking and change.



Amethyst Tumbled Crystal Stone

Amethyst encourages clear and focussed thought and enhances precognitive vision concerning all practical things. It wards off psychic and unseen attack and protects travellers from thieves. It relieves stress and anxiety which is great for long trips. Amethyst also provides protection when exploring new places by enhancing and focussing a traveller’s intuition.


Moonstone Tumbled Crystal Stone

Moonstone is an amulet of protection for travellers. It eases anxiety and enhances a homely feel even in unfamiliar surroundings. It increases intuition and teaches to trust emotional wisdom. Moonstone carries the energy of the moon.