New Mum

Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal Stone

Rose Quartz is one of the perfect crystals for a new Mother. It promotes bonding with your child and is a great crystal to place on your tummy during pregnancy. It's also helpful during labour and birth. It is calming and reassuring for adults and babies alike. It dissolves sorrows, worries and fears and welcomes in comfort and healing. It allows for inner peace and contentment to be your new normal and when placed in you child's room (out of reach of course), it encourages soft & sweet dreams.

Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Crystal Stone

A calming, warm & supportive crystal, Blue Lace Agate lifts and elevates emotions and encourages security and self-confidence. It may help new mothers with the “baby blues” and may assist with lactation when worn between the breasts. It is an amazing crystal for calming the mind when sleep is so desperately needed.

Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Crystal Stone

Connect your physical, mental and energetic systems with the wonderful Lapis Lazuli.  This crystal allows access to your intuition and higher-self. Stop comparing yourself and your baby to others, or taking unwanted advice, and tap into your own gut feelings. You were born to do this and you DO know the way. With the help of Lapis Lazuli, you’ll clearly hear and feel your intuition. When you act on gut instinct, you and your baby will thrive.