My Mum

Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal Stone

A crystal of love and inner peace, Rose Quartz brings healing and inspires deep nurturing of the self. It encourages one to be open to receiving love in all its forms. It incites the love of beauty in everything we see and opens the eyes to new opportunities for love & connection. It strengthens romantic relationships and when used in the relationship corner of the home, can bring or restore trust & harmony.

Malachite Tourmaline Tumbled Crystal Stone

Malachite represents the deep healing green of nature and the beauty of Mother Earth. It brings balance and harmony and allows the heart to readily receive love. It encourages transformation, assisting in changing situations and unleashing your spiritual growth. It heals on physical and emotional levels, drawing out impurities and stimulating Qi throughout the aura and body.

Citrine Tumbled Crystal Stone

This crystal brings joy and happiness to all who wear it. It encourages abundance and prosperity and all things good. It raises self-esteem and confidence and releases negative traits. It welcomes joy and energises every aspect of life. It cleanses and balances the subtle bodies and aligns them with the physical. It’s ability to protect the aura acts as a warning system for any mishaps that may be coming your way.