You are so Lovable: Crystal Collections for Children

Sunstone Tumbled Crystal Stone

Assists in the nurturing of self. Brings sweetness and joy back into the heart. Cleanses all chakras and fills with light. Useful in cutting negative ties/chords to to others. Encourages self-empowerment. Lifts dark moods & enhances optimism, positivity & confidence.

Rose Quartz Tumbled Crystal Stone

The crystal of unconditional love and infinite peace. The most important crystal of all for the heart chakra. It brings deep inner healing and self-love (The Crystal Bible, P235, Hall). It is calming & reassuring and soothes internalised pain & heartache. It releases old negative hurt that no longer serves for learning. It encourages the heart to open to the goodness of others and reminds of the goodness of self.

Moonstone Tumbled Crystal Stone

A connection to the moon as a reminder of the waxing & waning of life. Calms emotional overreactions & balances yin energy. It has a particular softer side that will calm an overly boisterous nature. Promotes deep emotional healing & encourages insight & empathy.

Crushed Opal

Opal aids in accessing & expressing your true self and enhances self worth. It is also a protective stone and brings lightness and spontaneity to the wearer.