Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite Tumbled Crystal Stone

Orange calcite is a cleanser of energy. It removes stagnant energy from the body and the environment. It shifts the wearer into a positive state, especially where someone has lost hope. It stabilises erratic emotions and strengthens the ability to overcome obstacles and setbacks. It removes fears, overcomes depression and clears the subtle body’s chakras.


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Tumbled Crystal Stone

Quartz is an amazingly most powerful stone. When used for happiness, smoky quartz in particular gently diffuses negative energy and fills you with positive vibrations. It lifts depression & sadness and brings about a calm state. It promotes positive thoughts and has been said to alleviate suicidal tendencies.


Citrine Tumbled Crystal Stone

Citrine is a happy stone, imparting joy to the wearer. It shifts feelings of negativity and darkness and allows inner calm and wisdom to emerge. It helps develop a positive attitude and manifests hope and optimism for the future. It encourages emotional balance. It balances all chakras.