We help you feel better.

Founded in 2016, The Philosopher’s Stones is the culmination of a life lived off-purpose. As a Reiki Healer & Intuitive, I have found that crystals have long been vilified as alternative, baseless and not for the mainstream crowd. There is however, strong evidence supporting the use of crystals in holistic & complementary therapy and with a gap in the market for providing easy to understand, easily accessible and luxury packaged crystals, The Philosopher’s Stones was born.

Each tumbled crystal stone collection has been tirelessly researched and thoughtfully matched to meet & shift the most common negative emotional states you may find yourself experiencing from time to time. Our crystal collections have been infused with Reiki Energy as an additional support for you while using your crystals. With a nod to luxury jewellery and inspired by the likes of Tiffany’s & Cartier, we also provide a soft, velvet pouch to lovingly hold your crystals as you go about your day.

Holistic & complementary therapies are fast becoming part of the norm, and we here at The Philosopher’s Stones can’t wait for you to join us on our journey into a more naturally supported state of health and wellbeing.

Ready to learn a little more? Let’s start with a story…. 




To make Crystal Therapy easily understandable and accessible to you.

To help you access and understand the scientific evidence supporting Reiki Healing & Crystal Therapy.


To be a leader in luxury crystal tumbled stone collections.

Values we live by:

  1. Believing is seeing
  2. Give your best each day with honesty, integrity & love in your heart
  3. Every day is a learning opportunity
  4. Knowledge is an opportunity to leave a mark on the world
  5. Fear is the obstacle to greatness
  6. Greatness is an opportunity to make a difference in the world