Meditation Crystal Collection
Meditation Crystal Collection
Meditation Crystal Collection

Meditation Crystal Collection

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Connect to your inner wisdom and enhance your understanding of the vast stillness within with our Meditation Collection. Combining the powerful Labradorite, the stillness of White Howlite and the psychic connection of Clear Quartz, our Meditation Collection creates a quieting of thoughts and an enhanced connection to your inner-self. Use to deepen your meditation and quicken your path to enlightenment.

Our Meditation Collection comes infused with Reiki energy and packaged with a sage smudging wand for cleansing your crystals. Hold your crystals inside their velvet pouch or wear them inside your clothing to enhance your meditation experience.

Cleanse your crystals to release absorbed energy. There are a variety of ways to cleanse however our preferred method is to smudge with sage.
Light your sage, blow out the flame and hold each crystal in the smoke, turning the crystal as you go. When you have smudged each crystal, put your sage out in a fire-proof bowl filled with sand (we like to use dirt from the garden) ensuring the flame/smoke is completely out. Do not leave smoking sage unattended as it may cause fire.
Repeat as often as you like but monthly as a minimum.

Each crystal collection contains 9 crystals, 3 of each variety: Wear a set, share a set or carry a set. Your crystals, your way.  

Please note that all crystals are natural and therefore may vary in appearance, clarity, size and weight.

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Crystals in this Collection



Labradorite Tumbled Crystal Stone

Labradorite is useful to calm an overactive mind. It balances outer and inner sight and builds faith in self and the universe. It aligns the physical and subtle bodies and brings messages from the unconscious mind to the surface where it facilitates their understanding. It stimulates intuition and psychic gifts. When used in meditation, labradorite brings contemplation and introspection. It is a stone of transformation.


White Howlite Tumbled Crystal Stone

Howlite is an extremely calming stone. It stills the mind and calms emotions which is essential for deepening meditation. It links the higher-consciousness into spiritual dimensions and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights. It also assists in accessing memories of past lives.


Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz Tumbled Crystal Stone

Clear quartz, when used in meditation, filters out distractions and paves the way for enhanced concentration. It enhances psychic ability and attunes you to your purpose. It is an energy amplifier and increases the energy of any crystal it is paired with. Additionally, clear quartz raises your energy to the highest possible level.

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