Crystals for Children

Sometimes we find ourselves unable to find a physical cure or treatment to assist our children in dealing with their worry thoughts and anxious tummies. Sometimes they lash out with physical or emotional outbursts when they just can't find a way to deal with the overwhelming emotions they carry inside themselves.  I believe that sometimes therapy & medicine just don't help because the feelings they're dealing with aren't actually their own.

We're born into this world with a strong connection to Spirit but with time and learned behaviour, the connection loses strength. We become lost in the everydayness of our lives, the ground hog day loop of it all. When we’re little we are NOT this way. We are open to learning anything and everything and connect with joy and wonder at all we see.  We effortlessly love others and are open to connecting emotionally with just about anyone. Children are so open on a soul level they allow an exchange of energy, both good and bad, with others. They feel everything! They're ridiculously open to energies outside of themselves.  This exchange goes on wherever they go, day in and day out. Imagine how overwhelming that is? How do they deal with all these feelings especially when they have no idea where the feelings come from.

A simple way to release the energy of others is to ask a Higher Power to take it away. Your child can also become conscious in choosing to protect their energy from others by imagining a white light surrounding & shielding them first thing in the morning. Additionally, crystals can be used to create insight, change & protection from other energies. Setting intentions and using a crystal as a physical reminder is also a wonderful tool to help with releasing negative energy. 

Combing crystals with a connection to the Divine; ultimate powerhouse.

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