White Sage USA Minis

White Sage USA Minis

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Grown wild surrounding the mountains of San Diego, our 2 pack 3” Sage Mini Wands are used in the ancient and sacred practice of clearing negative energies, balancing the mind, body & spirit and gaining purity of thought. Sage smudging has been used for thousands of years by Native Americans in rituals and ceremonies. You too may enjoy the same benefits of Sage smudging for cleansing and clearing negative energy from your space and home.

Smudging with sage is a very powerful energy cleanser and should be carried out with respect and an openness to the experience.

Begin with a small meditation to connect you with your Higher-self. Light your sage and blow out the flame to create a smoulder. Fan the smoke with your hand to move it through the air. Slowly bring the sage from your head to your toes and back again, praying to your God & Spirit Guides to bring you peace, uplifting energy and guidance. Move throughout your home ensuring you fan the smoke around the doors and entries into each room and paying special attention to the entry and exit of your home. Continue praying to your God and Spirit Guides asking for clearing of negative energy and removal of obstacles keeping you from your true path. Finish your ritual by thanking your God and Guides and putting out your sage in a fire-proof bowl filled with sand to ensure the flame is out. Open your windows slightly allowing the negative energy to leave your home.

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