Night Terrors - Cooper's Story

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Our son Cooper was just 2 years old when he started having night terrors. They become a nightly event from which he couldn’t escape. 

No escape from night terrors

During the night terrors, Coop would look like he was awake. His eyes would be open but there was no recognition in them for his dad, Scott & I. He would scream uncontrollably. He would look at us but could never hear anything we said to console him. In fact, he often tried to run away from us like WE were what he was terrified of.  We’d need to stand guard at the edges of his bed to stop him running off the end of it, ducking & weaving and trying to catch him so he didn’t hurt himself.  He even did a flip once, like an acrobat on his bed – such a weird thing to do! He would go to sleep easily every night and then like clockwork, 2 hours later, we’d hear him screaming and the night terror would be in full force.  They would last anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.

We tried everything to help him. Dr. Google gives suggestions like wake him up right before it’s due to happen. Get him to go to the toilet before bed (like we didn’t already). Change his diet. Change his bedroom. Use sleep music. Use guided kid’s meditations. Get him to go to sleep earlier. Put him to bed later. We had numerous doctors visits but still no solution. NOTHING worked. Every night like clockwork, here we’d go again!

After the first year, we even went and saw a Paediatrician that specialised in night terrors. His solution was to treat the parents, not the child. You see, the child doesn’t actually remember anything in the morning. Cooper had absolutely no recollection of the night terrors. It’s terrifying as a parent to watch these events (not to mention draining) and what this specialist was telling us was there’s absolutely nothing we could do to stop it. We just had to ride it out, remember Cooper wouldn’t remember it in the morning and he would eventually grow out of it by the time he was 6.

But guess what? Coop never did grow out of it.  He had them nearly daily until he was 8 years old. 

When he was 8, they actually started to lessen and then they disappeared altogether for about 6 months. Oh my gosh! Hooray – he was cured!

And then they came back.

Shhh. Don't wake them up.

This time, though, he started conversing with us while he was having them. He didn’t scream anymore. He would walk up and down the house, muttering to himself. The same terrified look in his eyes. We would try to console him, but again, he didn’t like being touched. He would tell us to be quiet. “Sshhhhh Mum”, he’d say in a whisper.  “Don’t wake them up.” (WTF?!! Wake who up?) He would do things like jump like a frog or swear at someone we couldn’t see. He would cry and our hearts would break. How the hell could we help him? With this change in how the night terrors played out, he also started to be able to tell us if he was going to have a night terror BEFORE he went to sleep. He would say that the “feeling” was coming and ask us to lay with him. He’d put his face very close to the wall because it helped the ‘feeling’ to go away. The ‘feeling’ also started coming when he was at school during the day. This went on for another 18 months, not every day like before but at least 3 times a week, until the day I took him for a healing session with my Reiki Master, Abbey Fox.

I had started working on my own spiritual journey a year before (you can read about that here) and I decided that ANYTHING was worth a shot to help Coop.

I filled Abbey in on Cooper and his experiences and we met for a Reiki session the following week.  Abbey had discussed the best way forward with her own mentors and they believed Cooper was very open to spiritual energies and what he was experiencing was probably channelling.

Chanelling spirits

Before the actual Reiki session, Cooper described to Abbey what the “feeling” is like as he experiences it. He feels really close to an object and then really far away and then close, faraway, and on and on until the feeling goes away. This is why it makes him feel better to have the wall right up in his face before he falls asleep. It helps keep the faraway feeling at bay.

Abbey and I both channelled Reiki for Cooper during his session. Abbey cut chords to past & present and to any unhealthy energetic attachments that Cooper had with human or spirit.  She gave him a Tiger’s Eye necklace to protect his energy from unwanted attachments at all times.  She taught Cooper how to protect his energetic body by enclosing it in an imaginary white light. She also told him to tell the feeling to GO AWAY and mean it.

Since this session, Cooper hasn’t had a full-blown night terror again.

Calm and happy kid

He’ll be 12 soon, so it’s close to 2 years later. Honest to God truth.  Amazeballs, right?  He sometimes gets the ‘feeling’ but I sit with him, channel Reiki for him, tell the feeling to GO AWAY (sometimes we even tell it to get the F*&% out – it brings a smile to Cooper’s little face and lightens the mood a bit) and both he & I project our imagined white light. He only takes his necklace off to shower or play sport, otherwise he’s always got it on; even at school.

I can’t rationally explain how Reiki & crystals helped end Cooper’s night terrors. All I can tell you is that they absolutely did. I’ve since been on a journey to research and work with energy and crystals so I, too, can share this therapy with other parents & kids that deal with similar issues.  Cooper has read this blog and has given his blessing to share it.  He, like me, is hopeful that his story can help other kids like himself.

We know it’s a bit out there but it worked for us when nothing else did and we know it'll work for you, too.

Tracey & Cooper x


If you have a child that experiences night terrors and would like to find out more, please contact me for a confidential discussion on 0405494889 or via You can also check out some additional resources via the links below.

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