How YOU can change the world – the power of thought & touch

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Energy healing (most notably Reiki) is for a lot of people something a little quirky, alternative or just plain crackers. Unbeknownst to most of you though, you’re actually constantly exchanging energy with numerous living things each day. Each and every one of us is an energy sharer and though most of us aren't even aware, we're impacting the people in our world with our "stuff" each & every day. 

When you stand near another person you share energy, either good or bad. We all know that feeling you get when someone’s got their cranky pants on or when we’re around someone that always seems down (I like to call them the Debby Downer or the Negative Nancy). You don’t need to hear or see anger or sadness in someone’s voice or body language; many times you just feel it radiating from them.

Angry and upset energy just radiates

Or what about when you just know someone’s staring at you? You get that creepy feeling someone’s watching you, you turn around and sure enough, there they are, gawking straight at you. There’s no touch or movement, no shadow or noise, just a knowing that you’re being watched.

Someones staring at you

Another way we share energy is through touch. Part of our natural instinct is to hug someone if they’re upset, or as a warm greeting, or even in celebration of something great. This isn’t a custom or action we’re taught, it’s a universal subconscious knowing of how to tangibly transfer feelings to another person. We want to show, or more concisely, share energy to help someone feel better or express how much we care. It’s why when someone’s in distress we offer them a hug. In extreme cases, we’ll even happily dish out hugs to complete strangers just to help them feel better! This is energy healing 101; a hug, a hand on a shoulder, a pat on the back, the wiping away of a tear, a kiss for a friend, a kiss for a child, a kiss for a lover.  We do these things naturally, every single day.  We lift people up or bring them down by transferring what we’re feeling to them. We touch them with our energy.

A great example of energy sharing is when a child falls over. The first thing a parent does is hug and kiss away their cuts and tears. This is an energy exchange from parent to child. A gentle touch to their face to wipe the tears away. Cooing and shushing, rocking and holding them tight; this is all energy sharing. The parent is feeling love & concern for their child and shares that feeling through both physical and energetic channels. It’d be impossible to get a child to feel better if you were angry or hostile when you tried to console them. 

Energy sharing from parent to child

This also explains why some mothers have trouble consoling their babies but frustratingly, another person is able to.  She’s probably tired and anxious and almost certainly has little energy of her own to share. As the old saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

What about massage as energy sharing? So many of us love a good massage to release tension but what about those times where you just can’t seem to relax? Sometimes the feel of the masseuse is just a little off. One masseuse can be completely different to another even though the physical action of the massage is exactly the same. Have you ever considered this may be because the best therapists have the most relaxing energy and you can feel it while they’re working on you?

Energy healing in everyday life is all about the positive energy we’re giving off.  It’s about how good we make people feel. When we share our good vibe, we’re able to help other people into a relaxed, lifted and loved state. When you’re out in the world, be mindful of the energy you’re sharing. Thoughts you’re thinking set the tone for the energy you share. We all have the power to help each other with an energy boost through life’s myriad of experiences. Being positive all the time is completely unrealistic – we wouldn’t appreciate the highs if we never experienced the lows – but helping each other through the highs and lows is what it’s all about. And we’ve all been blessed with this amazing ability. Acknowledge and foster your energy so you can consciously lift people up everywhere you go. Become a conscious energy healer and notice how you begin to positivity impact your world, one person at a time.

Sharing positive energy with friends

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